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An Expert-Approved Guide to Wedding Flower Arrangements

posted on April 24, 2024

Few things can transform a venue like florals. When done right, your wedding-day blooms can enliven an entryway, add visual interest to a tablescape, and even function as a great photo op. But with so many elements (centerpieces, welcome table arrangements, flower arches) and so many different options to choose from (roses, peonies, orchids), how do you know where to start?

Don’t worry. When you select a Walters Wedding Estates venue, you’ll get access to the best wedding-planning intel — thanks to our incredible roster of vendors and partners. Experts at The Design Haus have years of experience working alongside soon-to-weds to bring their floral dreams to life. Here, they offer up a step-by-step to-do list for navigating the world of florals — from selecting your most important floral elements to personalizing your blooms and everything in between.


Our new Spanish villa-inspired Chapel at Palacios, Westlake features classic white florals by The Design Haus.

1. Start Early

Selected your date and secured your venue? Make sure to prioritize your florals next. The earlier you kick off the process, the better chances you’ll have at getting the flowers you actually want on your big day. “Ideally, couples should start planning their floral arrangements about six to nine months before the wedding date,” The Design Haus experts say. “Some flowers may be more challenging to procure depending on the season or availability, so it’s essential to factor this into the timeline.”

2. Do Your Research

This is the fun part — gathering inspiration and visualizing your nuptials. Not sure where to start? “Begin by researching different floral design styles, browsing through wedding magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram for inspiration,” The Design Haus experts advise. Pay attention to what you like and dislike. Are you drawn to sophisticated and contemporary designs, or do you find yourself swooning over bold and bright arrangements? Do you prefer naturalistic bouquets or theatrical showpieces? At this point in the process, you might not have a vividly defined “style” yet, but cataloging inspiring floral works will help your florist identify your aesthetic down the line.

3. Set Your Budget

“Determine a budget for florals early on in the wedding-planning process,” The Design Haus experts advise. If you’re going with a do-it-yourself strategy, industry standards dictate that the typical range to aim for is 8 to 10 percent of your total budget. However, all-inclusive wedding venues like Walters Wedding Estates offer in-house vendors and packages, giving you versatility and control over your total cost. Whichever route you select, your budget will likely determine what your florals will look like, including flower types, the size and complexity of arrangements, and any additional decor elements.


4. Make a Floral Checklist

Now that you’ve done some basic research and set your budget, it’s time to make decisions about your floral priorities. The main elements to consider are: bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony flowers, and reception centerpieces. These are the most important — and most photographed! — pieces at any wedding. Of course, you may want to weave in additional details like flower girl bouquets, entryway or welcome table arrangements, and even flower chandeliers. “Additional elements like floral arches and cake decorations are optional, but they can enhance the overall aesthetic,” The Design Haus experts say. “However, floral elements are truly up to the couple on what they would like or not like to include on their wedding day!”

5. Determine Your ‘Style’

Some couples have a clear image of their big-day aesthetic. Others might need a little help conjuring up their picture-perfect wedding, and there are so many places to start. Your chosen wedding venue, for example, will give you ample clues. Are you working off of a blank canvas or does your venue already have a distinct personality? Consider the lighting, the architecture, and the layout. You can also start by defining the mood you’re envisioning. Is it bright and colorful? Minimalist and modern? Dark and cinematic? “Whether it’s classic and elegant or modern and minimalist, your chosen style will influence the selection of flowers and design elements,” The Design Haus experts say.

6. Factor in Your Color Palette

Whatever style you land on, there’s another major decision you’ll have to make: your color palette. Think of your color palette as the thread that ties everything together — from your wedding party attire to your centerpieces. “The color palette plays a significant role in floral design and should complement the overall wedding theme,” The Design Haus experts say. “Couples can choose flowers in shades that match or contrast with their chosen colors to create visual interest and cohesion throughout the event.”


7. Weave in Your Personal Touch

Weddings are the ultimate expression of your personalities as a couple — and your florals should reflect your unique tastes. Make sure you’re perfectly in sync with your florist, and ask them for meaningful ways to add something sentimental to your arrangements or bouquets. “Incorporating personal touches into floral design can make the arrangements more meaningful and unique to the couple,” The Design Haus experts say. This could include using flowers that hold special significance, incorporating family heirlooms into the decor, or adding personalized details like monograms or meaningful quotes.”

8. Keep Up With Trends and Seasonal Blooms

The best way to ensure your flowers look the freshest is by researching flowers that will be in season around your wedding date. Hosting a wintertime celebration? Orchids are at their showiest around February. Want to tie the knot at the cusp of spring? Consider tulips, which thrive early in the season. Peonies, hydrangeas, gardenias, and sunflowers are best during the summer months. “Pay attention to seasonal blooms!” The Design Haus experts say. “Keep an eye on current floral trends for inspiration, but ultimately prioritize what feels authentic and meaningful to you and your wedding vision.”

9. Trust Your Instincts

The Design Haus’ biggest piece of advice? Go with your gut. Your wedding is an emotionally charged occasion, so it’s important that you feel confident in your decision-making. Lean on your intuition — and just as importantly, each other — when making important selections. “My tried-and-true advice for couples is to trust their instincts and prioritize what truly matters to them,” The Design Haus experts say. “Remember that your wedding day should reflect your personalities, so don’t be afraid to infuse your floral design with elements that feel authentic and meaningful to you as a couple.”

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