Weddings for Warriors

Weddings for Warriors

Helping Make Dreams Come True for Couples That Have Served Our Country

Our thank you to Military Couples

In gratitude for their sacrifice for our country, we are committed to giving away one wedding per reception hall per year to a military couple. By booking a Walters Wedding Estates venue, you are helping us make the dream come true. A portion of the proceeds from your wedding will be used to give a free wedding to a deserving military couple.

Thank you for your interest in Weddings for Warriors! Submissions are closed for the 2023 Wedding Season and will reopen in the fall for 2024. Winners will be contacted in or before August 2022.

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Sarah Walter’s grandfather, Thomas Clayton Quigley, was a First Lieutenant in the 23rd Infantry Regiment of the 2nd Infantry Division of the United States Army during World War II. A patriot who loved his country and spent his life serving others, he was also a loyal and loving husband to her grandmother, who shared his love of country and community.

Married 69 years, the two were an inspiration to Sarah and to all who knew them. It is in their honor that we offer Weddings for Warriors.

Celebrating military love and sweethearts across the decades.
First Lieutenant Thomas Clayton Quigley
“It is our hope that Weddings for Warriors honors their love story and brings years of happiness to other military lovebirds for years to come.”

— Sarah Walters, Founder of Walters Wedding Estates

If you or someone you know is a military couple looking to get married in the coming year, we hope you’ll enter to win a free wedding in the collection of your choice. It’s a wonderful opportunity not only to celebrate your love but to honor your service.

Contest FAQs can be found below

Ready to enter? Here are a few things you should know before you do. Please note that nominations for the 2024 wedding season will open in the Fall of 2022.

01. Who is eligible?

One member of the couple must be an active, honorably discharged, or retired member of the United States Armed Services “Qualified Veteran”.

02. What do we submit?

Along with your completed entry form, provide a brief narrative, no more than 1000 words, addressing why you and your intended partner should be selected to win this prize. Your response will be judged based on originality, grammar, humor and how your experience relates to military operation. Please note that nominations for the 2024 wedding season will open in the fall of 2022.

03. Who are the judges?

All qualified entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges from the Walters Wedding Estates staff.

04. Are there restrictions?

The winning couple must agree and be available to have their wedding ceremony and reception at the selected Walters Wedding Estates venue during the months of January, February, July, or August, and on an agreed upon weekday on Sunday through Friday.

Allowed guest count will vary based on the Venue size. Reception, regardless of Venue size, is limited to a maximum of 200 attendees, including the wedding party and family.

The winning couple must also enter into a media waiver and photo release that allows Walters Wedding Estates and affiliates to freely use individual, couple, and wedding photos in its advertising.

Please note that nominations for the 2024 wedding season will be accepted starting in the fall of 2022.

05. What should I do before submitting?

Please take a moment to review all of our venues. You will need to select your preferred venues in the application. Then, be sure to review our submission requirements PDF in detail.

06. What are the requirements of the contest?

DO NOT submit more than one entry per couple – only one entry will be considered.

By continuing, you agree to the following requirements:

  • You acknowledge that you have read the Rules and Regulations provided as a downloadable PDF below.
  • One partner is serving or has served in any branch of the US Military and is able to provide proper identification if selected as a semi-finalist.
  • Winning couples must sign our media waiver and photo release.
  • Winning couples must sign our Weddings for Warriors Agreement.

Please ensure that all contact information is correct and that the couple is notified of your nomination. If a winner is selected and cannot be reached after five business days, the prize will be immediately forfeited without further notice.