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Holiday Shopping? 7 Best Jewelry Gift Ideas From Lillian M. Collection

posted on November 28, 2023

In the midst of holiday shopping? Life can get busy, and in the hustle and bustle of the everyday, the quest for finding the right present can quickly get overwhelming. Don’t panic! At Lillian M. Collection, gift-giving is our love language. Our collection of elegant jewelry has everything you need to gift your loved ones something personal and timeless – something they’ll treasure for years to come.

From dainty staples to understated-but-elevated statement pieces, Lillian M. Collection is the perfect one-stop shop for wow-worthy jewelry for everyone in the family (yes, even your hard-to-impress aunt). Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best and most thoughtful jewelry pieces for every kind of budget – all guaranteed to bring a little sparkle of magic to your gift-opening ritual around the tree this holiday season.

Variety of Lillian M. Collection’s Elegant Necklace Chains

Under $50

1. Vermeil Heart Necklace ($48)

Vermeil Heart Necklace,
Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver
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One of the most cherished pieces in any jewelry box: the everyday necklace. This is the piece you wear day in and day out – one that you never leave the house without. Lillian M. Collection’s Vermeil Heart Necklace is just that. It’s understated, elegant, and easy to wear – a timeless go-to. Crafted in sterling silver, the necklace comes plated in three different options: rose, yellow gold, and white gold. What’s more, the 18-inch adjustable chain allows you to fine-tune your look based on your outfit’s neckline.

Under $100

2. Ariel Pearl Hoop Earrings ($64)

Ariel Pearl Hoops,
Sterling Silver
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Pearls always add a chic touch to any outfit, and these hooped pearl earrings from Lillian M. Collection are no exception. Graduating in size, closely strung freshwater pearls boast a timeless and traditional look while bringing something new and unique to the table. It’s a great gift for someone who can’t resist a statement piece but also prefers something that’s lightweight, effortless, and easy to wear.

Under $200

3. Vermeil Beaded Stacker Bracelet ($130)

Vermeil Beaded Stacker Bracelet,
Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver
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Under $300

4. Rope Chain Earrings ($280)

Rope Chain Earrings,
14K Yellow Gold
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If you’re shopping for someone who appreciates edgy, personality-filled pieces, these rope-chain earrings are bound to impress. Made from 14-karat yellow gold, the earrings add visual intrigue while packing a stylish punch. Count on these earrings to elevate a simple t-shirt-and-jeans ensemble or serve as a bold counterpoint to a sleek evening gown. (Whoever receives this gift will also appreciate its easy-wearing, lightweight nature.)

Under $500

5. Wishbone Bracelet ($305)

Wishbone Bracelet,
14K Yellow Gold
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Who doesn’t want a little bit of luck going into the new year? A universally accepted symbol of good fortune, a sideways “wishbone” forms this bracelet’s centerpiece, offering wearers a sprinkling of magic this holiday season. But even if your giftee doesn’t believe in good-luck charms, they’re bound to appreciate this gorgeous wishbone bracelet. Stack it with other pieces or let it shine solo in 14-karat white or yellow gold.

Under $1,000

6. Diamond Bar Necklace (Starting at $717)

Diamond Bar Necklace,
14K Yellow Gold
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It’s true what they say: Diamonds are forever. Their timeless appeal makes them a perfect gift for anyone who treasures generation-spanning classics. Dainty, elegant, and subtle, this Lillian M. Collection diamond necklace is an ideal everyday staple to never take off. Featuring eight, 22-mm lab-grown diamonds nestled in a bar-shaped row, this necklace balances the stones’ brilliant sparkle with a modern design.

Under $2,000

7. Diamond Moon with Star Dangle Necklace ($1,278)

Diamond Moon with Star Dangle Necklace, 14K Yellow Gold
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If you’re looking for something that’s elevated and showy, but playful at the same time, this moon-and-star dangle necklace is your answer. Lillian M. Collection’s craftsmanship is evident in the sparkling pendants, which feature ¼-carat natural diamonds. The necklace is made of 14-karat yellow gold and extends to 18 inches long with an adjustable clasp to shorten or lengthen as needed.

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