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Planning a Wedding? 5 Reasons to Select an All-Inclusive Venue

posted on September 29, 2022

Weddings are joyous occasions, but planning them? Sometimes not so much. With so many moving parts to keep track of – from catering to floral arrangements to entertainment – the process can feel overwhelming for many couples. While do-it-yourselfers might delight in the concept of pulling everything off on their own, others might look for less stressful solutions. Enter all-inclusive venues, which take some headache out of planning. But before diving into the nitty gritty details, let’s address a basic question: What does “all-inclusive” really mean?

An all-inclusive venue includes a number of vendors (think: DJs, florists, photographers) under its umbrella of services. This often results in less effort for the couple as they no longer have to spend their engagement period hunting down the right professionals for each task. They don’t have to think about hiring staff or worry about where their china plates are coming from. Venues like Walters Wedding Estates do the heavy lifting so couples can make the most of their engagement – and their big day. Of course, there are other perks, too. Here are a few to consider.

Monroe Pearson Denton

1. Experience and Familiarity with the Space

When venues and their vendor partners work together for a long time, they develop a deep understanding and synchronous rhythm. When you book with Walters, you are booking our in-house services team from the Catering to the DJ and all have a very intimate knowledge of the venue. For example, our CoHost Entertainment DJs are familiar with every space; they take out all the guesswork so you don’t have to worry about operating wire speakers or setting everything up. There is no room for error when you work with vendors who know exactly how the venue operates and have established a well-choreographed process that simply works.

2. Superior Quality

At Walters Wedding Estates, we made sure that we selected the best in the business when it comes to the experts in their fields. Our Vendor Partners have years of industry knowledge and experience under their belts. At Walters Wedding Estates the team of Vendors have excellent reviews and know how to customize any any aspect of a wedding, dreaming up an experience everyone will remember.

3. Saved Time

Spending less time worrying about the little details and inconveniences means more time to focus on the fun stuff – which is what wedding planning should be all about! If you decide to book at a Walters Wedding Estates venue, you won’t have to waste time hunting down the right caterer, the perfect baker, the most intuitive DJ … instead, you can use that time for more exciting tasks, like gathering floral inspiration, customizing your cake design and trying on wedding attire.

Monroe Pearson Denton

4. Cost Savings

Simply put, bundles are designed to give you more and cost you less. This is one of the biggest advantages of selecting an all-inclusive venue that offers a variety of services priced at a flat rate. At Walters Wedding Estates, our services are combined into tiered packages, which enables us to reduce the price of individual services. What’s more, couples don’t have to worry about expenses that often take them by surprise, like delivery and setup costs. Walters Wedding Estates waives these fees, resulting in even more savings.

5. Numbers Up Front

Do-it-yourselfers will quickly find that unexpected expenses do add up – no matter how well you try to budget for them. This isn’t the case with all-inclusive venues. When you spring for a package deal, you get the numbers up front. At Walters Wedding Estates, we understand that cost is an important factor that drives most wedding-planning decisions. That’s why we tally up every detail in our pricing proposals, presenting everything on one page so you can make sure it works for your budget.


Talk openly with your Wedding Specialist! Our Wedding Specialists are industry experts and their main priority is YOU! For many couples, this is their first wedding and even if it isn’t they usually aren’t thrilled about having to manage all the details on their own. The Wedding Specialists are there to be your advocate through the entire process. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with the services!

All photos taken at Monroe Pearson Denton.

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