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5 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Stationery

posted on August 25, 2022

Wedding stationery might be – literally — paper thin, but this detail can speak volumes about your big day. Think about it: When your guests open your wedding invitations, they get their first glimpse into your event. Paper, fonts, colors and themes all reflect who you and your soon-to-be spouse are as a couple, and what your wedding might look like. 

Of course, most people have little expertise in this area, and understandably so. It’s not every day you pull a lavish party together – and invite dozens of your best friends and family to celebrate! So, if you are in the midst of wedding-planning, you’ll need a primer on what your stationery essentials might entail. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! Here, Linda of Lyons Paperie shares her top tips for couples checking off this all-important step from their to-do lists.


1. First things first: Know your basics

Before we start delving into the nitty gritty, it’s important to understand what’s what when it comes to wedding paper goods. “We like to break it into three sections, but every couple can pick and choose what they want to fit their needs,” Linda says. The first section is what’s often referred to as “save-the-dates.” Save-the-date cards serve one purpose: To let your guests know early on which date to circle on their calendars and put on “hold.” You can send these out even before you finalize other details of your wedding. 

The second part is your wedding invitation, which is a more formal and official invite to your event. Sometimes, couples will include an RSVP card and more extensive details about the wedding. The last piece of the puzzle is your day-of items. “Here, the options are limitless but these are the details that add cohesion and that finished look to your wedding day,” Linda says. Day-of items include signage, programs, menus, seating charts and any other printable items you’ll need for your wedding day.

2. Nail your timing, and give your guests plenty of heads-up

Planning ahead is a no-brainer, but knowing exactly how soon to send out those RSVPs is a big part of wedding stationery etiquette. Not giving your guests enough time to make necessary arrangements for your big day might result in a declined invitation. So, make it a point to send out your save-the-dates 4 to 6 months ahead of your wedding. 

If you’re hosting a destination wedding, however, your guests will need a longer window of time. Linda recommends starting sooner, about 8 months in advance – especially if you have a lot of guests making the trip to see you exchange your vows. Another important note? “Your RSVP date should be 30 to 45 days prior because we require all orders to be placed a month out, you will be giving your final count to the venue around the same time.’” she says.


3. Select something that represents you

As we mentioned, your save-the-dates and invitations do more than just pass along important information to your guest list. They also communicate your personalities, taste and individual styles! Your wedding stationery should mirror who you are as a couple – so make it yours. 

“Make sure you love what you select and that you are on the same page,” Linda says. “This is an item you will look back on for years to come, so make sure you love how it represents you and your special day.” Luckily, when it comes to wedding paper essentials, everything can be fully customizable.

4. Select something that represents you

Of course, you should have fun with your stationery. But there’s something to be said about consistency. Set the right tone by making sure that your style and theme – whatever they may be – is cohesive and consistent throughout every piece of paper you choose. Selecting a specific style and sticking with it is a great way to showcase what you and your wedding are all about. 

What’s more, having a common aesthetic thread throughout your event helps tie it all together. Try to create a color story by incorporating the harmonious wedding colors in your stationery, pulling cues from your flowers, centerpieces and even your attire and jewelry. This will add a layer of personalization that your guests won’t soon forget.

5. Modern & industrial

One of the biggest misconceptions couples often have about wedding stationery, Linda says, is that you have to have it all. The truth is: you don’t. “Some people opt not to have save-the-date cards,” Linda says. “Others choose to have a smaller invitation suite and allocate most of their budget toward day-of items!” Ultimately, it comes down to your needs as a couple and what makes the most sense for your big day. 

And if you’re not sure what that is, that’s where our vendors come in. Lyons Paperie is a Walters Hospitality brand and is included across our Collections. With years of experience under her belt, and reams upon reams of wedding paper designed and printed, Linda knows a thing or two about the process. She and our many experienced departments can help you navigate the often-overwhelming wedding planning process, step by easy step!


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