The Milestone, Boerne

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) Music starts to play
(DESCRIPTION) It begins with showing us someone playing the piano, we then see a close-up of the groom, then flashing over to a close-up to the back of the bride, showing her veil
We then see the ceremony space and all of the guests seated waiting for the ceremony to begin
The wedding part is lined up waiting to walk down the aisle
We see the wedding party start to walk down the aisle in pairs, the flower girls walk down the aisle tossing petals
We see the bride and groom standing at the alter with their wedding parties lined up next to them and a justice of the peace is speaking
The bride and groom are shown standing behind the piano and are smiling and laughing
We see the bride and groom dancing during their reception while the crowd watches
The bride and groom are standing holding their beverages, the bride wipes away a tear
A close-up on the bride and groom’s faces is shown as they look into each other’s eyes smiling, they are then shown with their foreheads placed together