Stonehaven Hall at The Milestone, New Braunfels

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) Instrumental music playing
(DESCRIPTION) We see a close-up of the alter where there is wooden cross with a wreath hanging on the front
We then see flashes of the bride ad groom at the wedding, dancing, getting ready, and smiling faces
An overhead view of the front and back side of the venue is shown
We see a close-up view of the rings; the groomsmen are getting ready, a man fixes another’s shirt collar
(SPEECH) Dear Clarissa. How do I begin to encapsulate just how much I love you?
(DESCRIPTION) Male speaking. We see the groom and groomsmen getting ready, someone is tying their show, another fixes another’s shirt collar and bowtie
(SPEECH) From April 1515, the day we met, to April 2,2021, we’ve had 1814 days to learn how to love and practice loving each other every step of the way
(DESCRIPTION) We see someone flipping through the pages of a book, we then see a close up view of the bride’s shoes and her dress hanging in front of a mirror
(SPEECH) When we met, I noticed you were free spirited, you talked really fast with excitement, and you made friends out of strangers
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride and bridesmaids getting ready together; they are sitting together on a couch looking at the bride’s ring
(SPEECH) You confidently shared your love for Jesus as if he was a friend who lived next door, one you had grown up with all your life
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride in her dress, a woman helps her put on her necklace
(SPEECH) Clarissa, you are the result of many times that encounter others, prayed for a person that I could do life in Ministry with, a person in whose presence I could learn to just be.
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride walk up behind the groom and cover his eyes with her hands; he stands in front looking at her smiling
(SPEECH) John 419 says we love because he God first loved us. Today I stand before you acknowledging that marriage without the love of God is merely existing. And I promise to more than just existence
(DESCRIPTION) The bride and groom stand facing each other outside, the bride puts her arms on the groom’s neck and they look at each other
(SPEECH) Instrumental music playing
(DESCRIPTION) We see an overhead view of the venue; the groom is walking with a woman down the aisle, standing arm-in-arm
The bridesmaids and groomsmen start to walk down the aisle ins sets of two; several children begin to walk down the aisle, one is holding a book, another the rings, and two others toss flower petals
We see the crowd stand up and look down the end of the aisle
(SPEECH) Darren, never could I have imagined having a partner as loving, kind, and trustworthy as you. But God has once again exceeded my expectations. One moment of appreciation I’d like to share is the way that you’ve waited for me
(DESCRIPTION) Female speaking. We see the bride walking down the aisle arm-in-arm with her parents
(SPEECH) He first asked me out the summer of 2017, and you’re willing to wait one whole year after that to actually start dating me. I wanted to honor my parents’ rule of no dating until you graduate college. I said no to your invitation. Usually, guys would take this rule as a cue to leave, but you use that whole year in between to develop a solid friendship with me to get to know who I was as a person before I was your girlfriend
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride and groom standing together at the altar, the bride is talking into a microphone
(SPEECH) As my mom always says about my dad, we’re not perfect, but we’re perfect for one another.
(DESCRIPTION) We see a close-up view of the bride and groom’s wedding bands on top of an open book. We then see the bride’s parents sitting down at the ceremony
(SPEECH) There have been amazing happy and joyful times in our relationship, as well as dark, physical, uncertain periods
(DESCRIPTION) We see a close-up of the bride and groom’s hands held together as they walk; we then see the couple sitting together, they press their foreheads together
(SPEECH) As our relationship grows, I find that we can’t have one without the other, joy without the pain, sweet without the bitter
(DESCRIPTION) The bride walks up behind the groom and covers his eyes with her hands, she laughs
(SPEECH) I consider all joy for the sake of knowing and loving you better. You are my very best friend, Jaron, and I delight in you
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride and groom standing at the altar facing one another, the bride puts her hands in his
(SPEECH) Instrumental music playing
(DESCRIPTION) We see the crowd of people watching the ceremony raise their hands in prayer
The bride and groom are standing at the alter with a vine of flowers around their shoulders, a group of people stand by them, pacing their hands on their arms and shoulders
We see the bride and groom walking outside holding hands and smiling at one another
Jaron and Clarissa, with the support of your families, friends, by the vows you have made to one another, by the strength of your covenant and in the presence of God, it is my pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride
We see the bride and groom standing together at the end of the aisle; the groomsmen and bridesmaids are shown standing in line besides them
(SPEECH) Cheering and applause
(DESCRIPTION) The groom dips the bride and kisses her
(SPEECH) Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor to present to you for the first time Mrs. Jaron and Clarissa Mongoria
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride and groom standing in different places outside as they hold hands, embrace, and kiss
(SPEECH) Instrumental music playing
(DESCRIPTION) The bride and groom walk back down the aisle together; they stop and kiss as the crowd looks on and cheers; we see the rest of the wedding party walk back down the aisle
After the ceremony, the wedding party hugs and bride and groom in celebration
We see the bride standing side by side with her bridesmaids, we then see the groom standing side by side with his groomsmen
The bride and groom stand outside together, they are holding each other and kissing
We see the bride leaning against the side of the building, the groom standing beside her, he looks at her
(SPEECH) Soft music begins to play
(DESCRIPTION) We see a close-up view of a “just married’ sign, we see wedding presents, and a frame with a photo of a couple
The bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the staircase in pairs of two
We see the bride and groom enter, walking down the staircase together as their groomsmen and bridesmaids stand at the bottom of the stairs cheering
We see a woman standing speaking into a microphone in front of the crowd, we then see one of the bridesmaids playing the guitar, the bride and groom watch
A table of wedding guests is shown clapping
We see the bride and groom share their first dance as the crowd watches, the couple hugs
We then see the bride dancing with her father and the groom dancing with his mother, the crowd watches
The bride and groom are sitting down at a table, they kiss as they crowd cheers and claps
(SPEECH) Upbeat instrumental music plays
(DESCRIPTION) We see the couple cut their cake and feed each other a bite; guests at the wedding begin dancing and enjoying the celebration
Several members of the bridal party are seen standing up giving speeches to the bride and groom; the crowd raise their glass for a toast
The guests at the wedding and seen dancing again and enjoying the party
We see a close-up view of the wedding guests holding up sparklers; the bride and groom walks through the crowd holding their hands up in celebration, they share a kiss