Remi’s Ridge, Hidden Falls

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) Music starts to play
(DESCRIPTION) We see an overhead view of the venue and surround grounds and pond, we then see the bride getting ready, she is having her makeup done
We see a close-up of the groom, he is adjusting his tie and putting on his jacket
(SPEECH) I’ve been asked dozens of times over the past week if I feel nervous. Nervousness has been the least of my emotions regarding our future
(DESCRIPTION) Male speaking. We see the groom sitting down on a couch reading off a piece of paper, we then see a bouquet of flowers with the couple’s wedding rings on top
(SPEECH) Nervousness has a connotation that there’s been some kind of doubt
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride sitting down on a couch ready a note
(SPEECH) I lost my doubt regarding a future with you a long time ago. Really. It just never shut its face. It’s always been easy to work with you and to love you. I want to live with you. I want to love with you. I want to build with you, and I want to enjoy this moment with you, now
(DESCRIPTION) We see flashing back and forth between the bride and groom sitting down reading a note
(SPEECH) I never really was the girl that believed in one true love, but meeting you has changed my mind. I promise always be your Aggie football date and kiss you after every touchdown. I promise to love you wholeheartedly for the rest of my life. I hope to never lose the fire in my heart when I look at your handsome face. You are my home and my safe place. I love you more than you know. Now let’s do this thing and get married so we can hurry up and spend the rest of our lives together. I love you
(DESCRIPTION) Female speaking. We see the bride reading out loud off a note she is holding. We then see flashing back and forth to show the groom sitting down reading a piece of paper. The groom smiles and folds up the paper
(SPEECH) Music playing
(DESCRIPTION) We see a woman helping the bride zip up the back of her dress, they share an embrace
The bride stands in front of her bridesmaids as they cheer and smile
We see a pond and waterfall outside
The groom walks down the aisle followed by several small children tossing flower petals
We see the bride walk down the aisle, arm-in-arm with her father
The bride and groom are standing outside at the alter listening to the justice of the peace speak, the couple exchanges rings and they share a kiss
The bride and groom walk back down the aisle together
We see the bride with her bridesmaids, they are all looking at her ring smiling and cheering
We then see the groom standing side-by-side with his groomsmen, the groom holds up his hand and they point to his ring
The entire wedding party gathers next to the bride and groom as they kiss, the others put their hands up in celebration
We see a close-up of the bride and groom; he has his hands on her face and learns in to kiss her
The bride and groom are standing outside by the pond kissing and posing for photos
We see the bride and groom sitting on a swing, they share a kiss
We then see the reception room full of guests seated at their tables
(SPEECH) Upbeat music starts playing
(DESCRIPTION) The bride and groom enter the reception and the crowd is cheering and celebrating
We see the bride and groom share their first dance, we then see the bride share a dance with her father, then the groom shares a dance with his mother
The wedding guest are seen dancing and enjoying the party
We see the bride toss her flower bouquet behind her back to a group of women
The crowd continues to dance
We then see the bride and groom dancing outside by themselves
The bride and groom walk outside while their guests hold up sparklers, the couple shares a kiss while the crowd cheers