Morgan Creek Barn, Aubrey

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) I vowed to always be faithful in the little things in life. To choose to love you. As Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for her
(DESCRIPTION) Male speaking. We see an overhead view of the venue. The bride and groom are holding hands at their ceremony, the groom is reading his vows
(SPEECH) Music plays
(DESCRIPTION) The bride and groom are standing outside; the groom has his hands on her waist, and they have their foreheads pressed together. We see the bride putting on lipstick
(SPEECH) I choose to love you today.
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride putting on her earrings, we then see the bride sitting on a couch by the window
(SPEECH) And will continue to choose to love you
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride and groom are holding hands at their ceremony again, the groom continues reading his vows. The bride is smiling
(SPEECH) I believe in who you are now and the couple we will be together
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride and groom outside, the groom kisses her on the cheek, they press their foreheads together and smile
(SPEECH) I love you.
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride and groom standing at the ceremony as the groom finishes his vows
(SPEECH) Music continues playing
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride walking down the aisle with a male, the groom looks on while crying
The crowd watches while the bride walks down to the end of the aisle
We see the live musicians playing and singing
We see the groom and his groomsman walking outside side by side laughing and smiling
We then see the bride and her bridesmaid standing together holding their bouquets of flowers
The entire wedding party is standing behind the bride and groom as they walk outside
We see a close-up view of the table settings at the wedding of flowers and candles
We see the groom twirl the bride around in a circle while dancing
We see the guests at the wedding standing outside in the dark holding up sparklers while the bride and groom share a kiss