Iron Manor, The Milestone Montgomery

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) Instrumental music playing
(DESCRIPTION) We see an outside view of the venue and gardens
The bride’s dress is shown hanging up on a chandelier in the middle of the room with the bridesmaids’ dresses hung up all around it
We see a close-up of a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
We see a bride admiring her dress hung up on a mirror
A man stands by the window, he checks his watch
We see a man walk through a large curtain; he smiles when he sees the bride standing there in her dress
A man in a tuxedo stands by the window looking out, he fixes his jacket
We see two large doors open and the bride walks through, a man and a woman walk her down the aisle arm-in-arm
We see an overhead view of the venue and large gardens
We see a bride and groom standing in the middle of the aisle kissing
We see the outside of the venue with a fountain flowing in the middle of a garden
A bride and groom stand outside back-to-back holding hands
We see wedding guests standing in a courtyard socializing and drinking
We see a bride and groom holding hands walking and smiling at each other
We see the inside of the reception space, it is empty, tables are set, and it is decorated with flowers and candles
We see a bride and groom dancing while their wedding guests look on
A bride and groom are see standing out front of the venue, the groom spins the bride around in a circle
An overhead view of the venue shown, we then see a bride and groom walking down the aisle while the crowd cheers and applauds