Hayes Hollow, Hidden Falls

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) Music starts to play
(DESCRIPTION) We see a close-up of the bride and groom’s faces; their foreheads are pressed together, and they are smiling
We see the bride’s dress hung up over a door, the bride and groom’s wedding rings are shown laying out on top of a table
We see the inside of the reception space with the long tables decorated with table clothes and flowers
We see a brief view of the ceremony space; we are then shown someone pouring a glass of champagne
The bride and her bridesmaid are shown laughing and sipping champagne
We see the groom getting ready with his groomsmen, he fixes his sleeves and tie
We see someone helping the bride with buttoning up her dress
A close-up of the bride and groom’s book of vows is shown
We see the bride and groom outside for their first look, the groom turns around to see the bride in her dress
We see the groom standing at the alter watching as the bride begins to walk down the aisle arm-in arm with another male
The bride is shown standing outside with the groom leaning into his chest
We see the bride and groom standing at the alter facing each other holding hands
The bride and groom are seen standing outside, they share a kiss
The crowd cheers as the groom dips the bride and kisses her at the alter
We see the wedding party gather together to pose for pictures
The groom stands behind the bride holding her and kissing her on the cheek and forehead