Big Sky Barn, The Milestone Montgomery

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) Instrumental music playing
(DESCRIPTION) We see an overhead view of the venue and the welcome sign to the Big Sky Barn
We see the bride’s dress hung up on the alter in front of a large window
We see the bride and bridesmaids all in the bridal suite getting ready and having their makeup and hair done
We see ta bride’s dress hung in the bridal suite in front of a mirror
A groom is sitting down at a round table playing cards with the groomsmen
We see a bride in her dress by the window, she slowly opens the shades to reveal the light
We see a groom standing with several other men doing cheers with beer bottles
We then see the ceiling of the venue space and the large chandeliers
A bride and groom are standing at the altar, they share a kiss
A bride and groom are standing on a covered bridge sharing a kiss
We see guests enjoying cocktail hour and taking photos
We see the inside of the reception space; it has been decorated and all the tables are set
We see a bride and groom share their first dance while the crowd watches and applauds
Wedding guests are seen dancing and enjoying the party
We see a bride and groom standing together outside back-to-back holding hands
A bride and groom exit the building while sparklers are erupting around them
We see a bride and groom kissing in the woods standing on a stone bridge