Ashton Gardens, West Houston

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) Instrumental music playing
(DESCRIPTION) We see an outside view of the venue building
The bride’s dress is shown hanging up inside in front of a window
We see bridesmaids all sitting down on a couch as a woman walks past them holding a book
We see the inside of the reception space, it is empty, we can see that the tables are set
We see inside the chapel, there is a large wooden cross at the end of the aisle decorated with flowers
We see a close-up of a bride, a man puts his arm around her, they both smile
We see a bride and groom sitting in the pews in the chapel, she leans back against his chest, he puts his forehead against hers
A bride stands next to a mirror looking out she is smiling and laughing
We see the back of the bride walking arm-in-arm with a man down the aisle in the chapel while a crowd looks on smiling and filming the moment with their cell phones
The inside of a reception room is shown, it is empty, the tables are set
A bride and groom stand outside with the venue behind them, they share a kiss
We see a bride and groom looking at each other walking and holding hands down a pathway
We see a bride and groom dancing together in front of a large light up sign
Wedding guests are shown dancing and celebrating
We see a bride and groom standing in the aisle in the chapel, the groom spins her around, then he kisses her