Aristide, McKinney

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) Instrumental music plays
(DESCRIPTION) Video starts with showing an overhead view of the venue and inside the ceremony space, we see the pews inside the chapel.
(SPEECH) She got her mother’s amazing beauty.
(DESCRIPTION) Male speaking. We see the bride sitting down after having her makeup done
(SPEECH) I know he’d be proud of the man that he’d become and the woman you chose to spend the rest of your life with.
(DESCRIPTION) We see the groom looking out the window straightening his tie
(SPEECH) I’m excited to see what the future holds for our families as they become one
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride and grooms wedding rings sitting in a box
(SPEECH) Your mother would be so proud of you next know that she is
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride standing with her bridesmaids around her smiling, we then see the groom’s watch inside of a box
(SPEECH) This is exactly the type of man she had hoped you would someday find
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride putting on her earrings, we then see the groom smiling and walking outside with his groomsmen
(SPEECH) You have a wife that will only make you better which one term make everyone in your life better as a result
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride in her dress and her bridesmaids outside walking together holding their flower bouquets, we then see the bride and groom embracing
(SPEECH) Eric, hold on to Lily. She is a force
(DESCRIPTION) A different male is speaking. We se the entire wedding party outside positing for a picture with their hands in the air in celebration, the groom kisses the bride on the cheek
(SPEECH) She is a comet. She is an entire star system
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride walking down the aisle in the chapel
(SPEECH) And I love how you two bring out the best in each other
(DESCRIPTION) Female speaking. The bride and groom share a kiss during their ceremony, we see them walk back down the aisle hand in hand
(SPEECH) And I love how you challenge each other to be the better person
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride and groom outside together as they share an embrace
(SPEECH) Eric and Lilly, you are both highly creative people
(DESCRIPTION) Male speaking. We see the bride holding her bouquet with her arms around the groom as she leans in for a kiss
(SPEECH) Helping people to reach transcendent places through dance and music. And in your marriage, you have the opportunity to do the same thing
(DESCRIPTION) The bride and groom walk into their wedding reception smiling with their hands up high in celebration, we then see the bride dancing
(SPEECH) There’s a world that needs to see the beautyof faithfulness and loyalty, joy and love and compassion
(DESCRIPTION) We see the groom dancing, we then see the bride and groom sharing a dance
(SPEECH) And you have been given a partner to lift you up and together, to create a relationship that highlights all that God intended. I’ve seen and heard the ways that you make each other better
(DESCRIPTION) We see the guests at the reception laughing and dancing together
(SPEECH) Make each other joyful and happy
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride loss her flower bouquet behind her back
(SPEECH) And you are beautiful by yourselves. But I think we’re all excited about what you, two, can create in this unique opportunity as you get married here today
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride and groom walk outside passing by their guests illuminating the way with sparklers, the groom then dips his wife and gives her a kiss