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The Milestone Mansion | Aubrey

near Denton and Frisco

The Milestone | Aubrey Mansion is a stunning Georgian Estate-style Mansion sitting on 52 acres in the Aubrey countryside, nestled between towering oak trees. Begin your day in one of two of our private suites, comfortable for your entire wedding party and family, while your guests arrive into the grand foyer to mix and mingle. You'll love the beautiful indoor ceremony space with ample seating and large windows that provide natural light for your nuptials. Enjoy your reception in the spacious reception hall, where the gleaming chandeliers, hardwood floors, and built-in bar provide an elegant space to celebrate. Accommodating 325 guests, The Milestone | Aubrey Mansion's charm and gleaming grandeur is perfect for a refined soiree.

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"Everything was lovely and elegant. It was everything my daughter wanted. Everything from excellent coordination, the elegance of the Venue, the beauty of it all was well worth it. It gave my friends and family something to talk about for years to come. Thanks for everything!"

- Sheila -

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