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What Exceptional Service Means to Walters Hospitality

posted on October 11, 2022

What makes for happy clients? Most will agree that it boils down to one, all-important element: superior service. But what exactly constitutes “exceptional service”? Exceptional service can mean different things to different people based on their priorities and expectations. Generally, an unconditional commitment to excellence is a distinguishing factor, but other values also come into play. 

At Walters Hospitality, this starts internally by promoting a culture that fosters passion, positivity and teamwork – one that embraces change and strives to make a difference. On the receiving end, clients get to work with a team that’s dedicated to meeting their every need, from first consultation to the grand exit. Here, our Wedding Specialists, Planning Representatives, Culinary Team, General Managers and more weigh in on what superior service means to them – and how Walters Hospitality delivers on this promise in every way.

Chapel at Ana Villa, The Colony

1. Exceeding Expectations

“Exceptional service means unusually good or outstanding; it’s not just about meeting the clients’ expectations – it’s about exceeding them. Walters Hospitality strives to make every wedding unique and tailored to each couple by hiring the right people and providing each individual with the support and resources to do their job exceptionally well. As Executive Chef, I pursue client satisfaction to the best of my ability by providing the freshest-quality ingredients, purchased weekly and specifically for each wedding and prepared by experienced Chefs with a combined total of 100 years of culinary experience.” – Laura, Executive Chef.

2. Going the Extra Mile

“Exceptional service means going the extra mile to ensure our couples have the best experience possible. At Walters, we work as a team to create a seamless experience from the moment a couple tours our venues until they walk out of the doors for their grand exit as newlyweds! Personally, I work to bring a positive energy and excitement to every meeting with couples to ensure they know their special day is important, no matter how big or small it may be. I take pride in knowing they are trusting us with such a milestone event, and I want to deliver the most exceptional experience possible.”  – Amanda, Planning Representative.

3. A Team Effort

“Exceptional service to me means that there are no exceptions to what you are willing to do to ensure the seamless execution of a wedding day or event. It means the willingness to go above and beyond by means of educating a client on wedding trends, processes and etiquette – all the while ensuring that their concerns, needs and wants are met. However, this doesn’t mean we should take our wedding knowledge and force it upon clients. Exceptional service is about compiling our knowledge with the clients’ vision to create flawless experiences.” – Tatiana,  General Manager

4. A Love-Forward Approach

“Love – it’s the business we’re in! As a part of this Walters Family, my goal is to take any opportunity I have with my clients and learn how to best love and serve them. Sometimes, that means being the friend that celebrates you during this exciting process; sometimes, I can be the trusted adviser that helps guide you through the new and important decisions that come with wedding planning. Other times, I can be the peaceful mediator you need when you have overwhelming opinions coming at you from all angles. However I can best serve you, I am here for you.” – Alex, Wedding Specialist

5. Active Listening

“Exceptional service begins in the heart of the people who are obsessed with meeting the needs of those they are serving. This level of service is achieved through asking clients the right questions and actively listening to what they have to say. It comes through learning their likes, dislikes, their needs and vision, and understanding where the greatest value-add is. From there, it’s all about diligently executing on what we know and the information we gather as quickly as possible.” – Adam, Owner of CoHost Entertainment

6. Competitive Advantage

“Walters Hospitality excels at collecting the latest and most relevant data and statistics to ensure we are meeting the industry standards and that we fulfill the needs and price points of any and all clients. Being open to change as the data comes in and setting plans of action keeps Walters ahead of the game; we’re never afraid to go back to the drawing board. I think this sets us apart from others in the industry.” – Tatiana, General Manager

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