The Milestone, Georgetown

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) Music starts to play
(DESCRIPTION) We see the inside of the venue with chandeliers hanging, set with round tables and flowers, we then see the wedding welcome sign
We then start to see a close-up of the bride’s wedding accessories, including her boots, necklace, and wedding rings
The bride is sitting down in front of a mirror getting her hair curled, we see a group of women ironing the bride’s veil
We see the bridesmaids standing in front of a set of mirrors getting ready for the wedding, doing their hair and makeup
We see the bride’s dress hanging at the top of a staircase on the back of a door
The groomsmen are standing outside on a deck in front of a cocktail table having a drink, the group is talking and laughing
A woman is helping the bride button up the back of her dress, the bride is seen putting in her earrings and spraying herself with perfume
Two bridesmaids kneel beside the bride and assist with fixing the back of her dress and fluffing the veil
(Speech) Oh my goodness gracious. How lovely how lovely. Look at this oh my
(DESCRIPTION) Male speaking. We see the bride tap the shoulder of a male. He turns around smiling, he hugs the bride
(SPEECH) Music playing
(DESCRIPTION) The bride and the male stand on the deck outside and pose for a picture
The bride taps the shoulder of two other men, and they turn around to look at her smiling, the group shares a hug
We see the groom and several groomsmen standing outside on the deck posing side-by-side for a photograph, they wrap their arms around each other’s shoulders
(SPEECH) You’re my rock you’re my place I feel safe you’re my everything Robert Vincent Lopez I can’t wait to be your wife I love you more than you will ever know love always your soon to be wife
(DESCRIPTION) Male speaking. We see the groom standing in a hallway reading a note from the bride. We then see the bride standing outside with her bridesmaids, they raise their flower bouquets in the air in celebration
(SPEECH) I haven’t ever imagined my life to be so blessed with such an amazing woman. For better or worse we are family now and you are the love of my life, my everything. Love your husband Robert
(DESCRIPTION) Female speaking. We see the bride sitting down in a chair reading a note from the groom
(SPEECH) Music playing
(DESCRIPTION) We see the bride outside gathered with her bridesmaid, they put their flower bouquets together and smile, the group laughs together
A woman outside playing music on a keyboard is shown; we see the groom and groomsmen standing a at the alter with the justice of the peace
We see the bride walk down the aisle arm-in-arm with a male as a crowd looks on smiling
The bride and groom are standing at the end of the aisle facing each other holding hands as the justice of the peace is speaking, the couple exchanges rings, they then share a kiss
We then see the bride and groom walk down the aisle together holding hands as the crowd looks on cheering and applauding
We see a close-up of the bride and groom as they kiss
The bride and groom walk down a set of stairs to enter the reception room while the crowd claps and cheers, the couple then shares their first dance
We see a bridesmaid and a male get up and speak in front of the crowd at the reception
The bride and groom are shown cutting the cake and feeding each other a bite
We see different guests at the wedding dancing and enjoying the party
The bride tosses her bouquet behind her back to a crowd
We see the bride and groom sharing a last dance together; they exit the reception to a crowd standing outside with sparklers
We see the groom dip the bride for a kiss as the crowd holds up their sparklers and cheers them on
The bride and groom drive away in a truck as the crowd waves goodbye