Hidden Pines Chapel, Highland Village

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) Instrumental music playing
(DESCRIPTION) We see a bride and groom standing outside sharing an embrace, the couple is smiling
The outside of the venue is shown
The inside of the reception is shown decorated with flowers and table arrangements
A key chain is shown that reads, “Love Dad XOXOXO”
We see the bride and groom getting ready, someone buttons up the bride’s dress, the groom puts on his jacket
We see the ceremony space decorated with a wooden cross, candles, and flowers
We see the groom turn around and he sees the bride in her dress for the first time, the couples smiles and shares a hug
The groom wraps his hand around the brides waist, the couple shares an embrace outside positing for photos
The bride walks down the aisle holding hands with a female, we see the groom watching nervously
We see the entire wedding party standing together outside posing for photos
We see the bide and groom exchanging rings and vows at the alter during the ceremony
The groom and bride stand outside smiling with their foreheads pressed together
The bride poses side by side with her bridesmaids smiling and laughing
The groom and groomsman all pose with their hands on each other’s backs for a photo
We see the bride and groom share their first kiss at the alter during the ceremony
The bride and groom are walking outside with their wedding party
We see the bride and groom enter the reception and share their first dance
The bride and groom feed eat other cake off of a fork and share a kiss
The bride and groom are shown dancing alongside their guests during the reception
The bride and groom are standing together outside, the groom has his arms wrapped around her waist