Aristide, Colleyville

Video Transcript

(SPEECH) Tonight’s a special night. We’ve got people from all over who come to watch you guys get married.
(DESCRIPTION) Groom begins speaking as classical music begins, camera showing shots of the venue and bride and groom getting ready
(SPEECH) Kristen, I’m so happy this day is finally here. Today I get to call you be my wife and Ms. Earnest
(DESCRIPTION) We see bride and groom dancing
(SPEECH) You are a million dreams and a million prayers coming true with you. I feel safe, appreciated and accepted.
(DESCRIPTION) Bride is speaking, camera shows the bride getting ready with bridesmaids
(SPEECH) There are no amount of words that could possibly portray how grateful I am for you.
(DESCRIPTION) We see the groom with groomsman and bride getting her dress buttoned up
(SPEECH) The first time I saw your blue eyes, blonde hair and beautiful smile at Mikasa, my eyes and heart were set on you.
(DESCRIPTION) Groom is speaking, we see him reading off of his book of vows, bride exiting the chapel
(SPEECH) I remember telling you that one day we will get married. So beautiful.
(DESCRIPTION) Groom is speaking and he sees his bride for the first time during their first look
(SPEECH) And guess what? That day is finally here.
(DESCRIPTION) We see the a close up of the bride and groom as they clasp their hands together
(SPEECH) This is a big love story for them.
(DESCRIPTION) Father of the groom is speaking while the camera pans in closely to the bride and groom embracing in a kiss
(SPEECH) Now. This is the party. This is the part I didn’t write down because I couldn’t do it. But our mom’s not here tonight. But I know she’s so happy.
(DESCRIPTION) We see the father of the groom stand up giving a speech at the wedding, flashes over to the bride and groom holding hands and embracing
(SPEECH) Oh, my God, you’re gorgeous.
(DESCRIPTION) Father of the bride is speaking as he sees his daughter in her dress for the first time
(SPEECH) You are so gorgeous. I want to cry.
(DESCRIPTION) We see the father of the bride walking the bride down the aisle in the chapel
(SPEECH) Oh, you’re beautiful. I love it.
(DESCRIPTION) Father and bride hold hands as he looks at her dress, concludes with final embrace from the bride and groom