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The Milestone Iron Manor | Montgomery

near Lake Conroe

The Milestone | Iron Manor is a stunning combination of industrialism + avant-garde, boasting soaring brick walls and original 117-year old Carnegie Steel. Located near Lake Conroe, the Iron Chapel features 2 private suites, exposed iron trusses, and towering windows, providing a breathtaking ceremony backdrop any time of year. Enjoy your reception in Crane Hall, where your design possibilities are only limited to your imagination. This castle-like room features a built-in bar and cake table while providing ample space for a dancefloor, entertainment, and seating. Accommodating up to 350 guests, The Milestone | Iron Manor's remarkable architecture and gleaming grandeur is the perfect setting for your sophisticated celebration.

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"I am honored to say that my wedding dream day at the Iron Manor was the most magical and perfect experience a bride can go through. The venue is breathtaking, the weather was perfect, and everyone was so happy. I also had the honor of meeting sincere staff members, who made my dream possible. They went above and beyond to respond to all my questions and made sure our day went smoothly. Every inch of this place is just remarkable. It is well equipped and spacious. So newly engaged couples, you really do not want to miss out on a stunning venue that will complete your special day. Trust me, you will not regret it!

- Charkym P. -

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