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8 Tips for Reducing Wedding-Related Stress Before Your Big Day

posted on May 06, 2022

Whether you’re doing it all yourself or handing the tasks over to the pros, wedding planning can be stressful. It’s hard to stay balanced in the face of major decisions and juggling the many moving parts of organizing a celebration your guests will enjoy. Hint: Walters Wedding Estates has a Venue Planning Team to help make the planning easy!

Couples have to remember that their “big day” should be, well, about them. A key part of that? Having the physical and mental bandwidth to actually enjoy your night. Remembering to have fun is the biggest, and most important, piece of advice couples should try to follow. Find out how to keep stress levels at bay – with some tips from Walters Wedding Estates’ Wedding Specialists – and stay in the moment during your special day.

Tip 1: Start small

More choices aren’t always better. Especially in the beginning of stages of planning, be mindful not to overwhelm yourself with options. The Wedding Specialists of Walters Wedding Estates are there to help you select which venue will suit your needs – in price, style and size. “They know the ins and outs of our venues and can make the best recommendations,” Emma says. “Start there, and then expand your search if needed. Our expert Wedding Specialists will help you feel at ease with your venue decision-making process all the way through.” 

Tip 2: Prioritize what’s important to you

Which services you select comes down to what you hold near and dear to your hearts as a couple. “This is something to keep in mind as you tour venues,” Emma says. “Some couples prioritize floral; others prioritize their food and beverage selections or photography. Walters Wedding Estates has packages that allow you to select what you want to prioritize. Don’t pay for a plated meal if you don’t care about the service!” When you tackle your priorities first, you’ll put your mind at ease.

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Tip 3: Stay organized

From making realistic to-do lists to keeping a pristine calendar, staying organized is the key to wedding-planning success. There are a lot of moving parts after all, and staying on top of each action step is what will help you avoid any potential issues, and therefore, stress. “Everyone is different, so our expert venue planning team is here to help you along the way,” Tara says. “They will have a vision meeting with you to help you stay organized and prioritize what’s important to you.”

Tip 4: Make a date of it

Don’t approach every decision like a task you need to tick off your wedding-planning checklist. Instead, savor each step, and turn each moment into a fun experience. “Cake tasting with our bakery, Jenny Layne Bakery – turn it into a date night! She creates a fun take-home box for couples to taste-test her cake flavors,” Samantha says. “When you bring it home, have a nice dinner date, and then finish the date by trying the cake!”

Tip 5: Hand off some tasks to others

It takes a team to make a wedding happen, so make sure you are tapping your friends and family (and our team at Walters Wedding Estates) on the shoulder for help and guidance. Don’t insist on doing everything yourself – delegate instead. And most importantly, lean on your significant other. “Even though you might feel like it’s your job to plan your wedding, don’t forget to involve your fiancé in some of the tasks (big or small),” Tara says. “Maybe they can help decide on the menu items, or keep track of the RSVP’s.” Our Venue Planning team is here to help you!

Tip 6: Limit your screen time – once a month

Your phone keeps every aspect of your wedding-planning process at your fingertips – which is both a convenience and, in times of amped-up stress, a constant source of distraction. Not only does it eventually take a toll on your mental health and hamper your productivity, it also disrupts the one relationship you need to focus on the most: the one you have with your partner. So, once a month, plan a date night with no screen time. Set boundaries about “wedding” talk. “Just be in the moment with each other,” Raegan suggests. 

Tip 7: Schedule quality time with loved ones

As you get closer and closer to the date, you might feel like stress is impossible to escape. But there are simple things you can do to break up the anxiety loop, while getting in some much-needed quality time with your friends and family. “After a morning rehearsal I like to suggest that couples go out to brunch or enjoy a spa day or wine tasting,” Raegan says. “It’s important to have fun and enjoy yourself. If you want to be active to calm the nerves (without tiring yourself out), spend the day golfing or taking a yoga class, then everyone can meet up for the rehearsal dinner.”

Tip 8: Put a lid on your worries

If you feel the anxiety seeping through on your wedding day, the best thing to do is to make a conscious effort to tuck those jitters away. “I tell all my couples, the moment you feel stressed, put it away for the night, and pick it back up tomorrow!” Samantha says. She often advises couples to lean on the Walters Wedding Estates team to take care of the details. “My goal for each of my couples is to enjoy each step of the process and not ‘just want the day to get there and be over.’ Our expert venue planning team does this for a living, and we want to help you every step of the way!’”

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