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12 Wedding Trends to Expect in 2022

posted on May 20, 2022

Wedding season is about to kick into high gear, and with a projected 2.6 million celebrations taking place this year, it’s safe to say 2022 is going to be one for the books. So, after a couple of years of possibly being out of the wedding scene as an invitee, you might be wondering: What’s in right now?  What trends are hot in the market? What should you be adding to your Pinterest board? The last thing you want is for your event to feel dated

Don’t worry. We’ve tapped into the expertise of our highly skilled professionals, who have been in the game for years and have their fingers on the pulse of what’s new and trending. From decor and color palettes to floral selections for your centerpieces, here, Walters Wedding Estates departments weigh in on what’s in and what’s out this year. Plus, they share a few tips on making the most of each trend.

The sweet stuff

Trend 1: Textured buttercream, pressed flowers and untraditional finishes

Smooth white wedding cakes are on their way out; instead, more and more couples are opting for a texture buttercream finish that offers a more simplistic design – without the thick, heavy fondant. “We love creating textures using spatulas and painting techniques,” says Jenny of Jenny Layne Bakery. “This is an excellent way to incorporate color and artistic expression without going over the top.” What’s more, this year, couples are making more playful creative choices. Unusual colors – think black cakes – metallic tiers and dried, pressed flowers are popping up as often-cited inspirations. 

Trend 2: Confections with diverse, offbeat flavors 

A simple chocolate cake might be the right choice for some, but these days, customers’ palates are looking for something a little different. Diverse textures score high on couples’ dessert wishlists. Think: Pecans, crumbles and fresh berries. Flavor combinations have expanded far beyond the traditional crowd-pleasers like classic vanilla, red velvet, chocolate or yellow cake. Now, there’s an exploration of intriguing flavor combinations like strawberry hibiscus, chocolate espresso, lemon berry and cinnamon swirl. “Parfaits are equally as popular,” Jenny says.

Bouquets and Blooms

Trend 3: Organic textures

In the past, floral arrangements used to be a lot more prim and polished, curated and showcased in perfection. And while there’s still a place for more tamed creations, today, the trend leans toward unruly, organic compositions. Wedding bouquets, for example, are often made to look like they’ve been plucked from nature – an abundance of textures combined with large, full blooms with an unrestrained sensibility.

bride holding bouquet
wedding ring and flowers

Trend 4: A world of color

Color, too, is influsing itself into current-day designs. “White and green has been popular for the last few years but we are seeing more and more weddings with lots of color and personality,” Joche and Lizzie of The Design Haus note. “For those that want a traditional neutral toned wedding or reception, bringing in color to cocktail hour gives the opportunity to bring in another dynamic element to wow guests.”

Music and Entertainment

Trend 5: Out with the line-dancing

Today, line-dancing is sliding its way out of style, as more and more couples are choosing not to incorporate the slightly overdone tradition into their ceremonies. “Although I personally  agree with that preference, I do believe they can help some people feel comfortable with getting on the dance floor who may not otherwise do so,” says Adam of CoHost Entertainment. 

Trend 6: EDM for oldies but goodies 

What music couples opt for usually sets the mood for the rest of the night. This year, electronic dance music is becoming a more popular request for couples wanting to get their guests in the spirit. “A trend that excites me is the infusion of EDM music and remixes of popular hits from past decades,” says Adam. “Our culture is conditioned on concerts, festivals, and clubs so anytime we can merge that world into a wedding dance party it’s exhilarating.”

Trend 7: Breaking tired traditions 

Weddings often come with a long list of traditions – and nowadays, couples are choosing to let go of some of the rules and do things their way. First out of the window? The garter toss. “Bouquet and Garter toss is fading out,” says Adam. “Couples want to party and they have learned that not breaking up the dance party with these old traditions is one way to keep everyone on their feet.”

(Up)lights, camera, action!

Trend 8: Inventive photo booths

Spurred by social media, photo booths – with their well-curated backdrops and professional lighting – rose in popularity several years ago. So, are they about to fall out of favor? According to Adam, they aren’t going anywhere. “Capturing a moment with your favorite people will never go out of style,” he says. “Photo Booths are a fun, easy, and practical way of entertaining people.” 

Trend 9: Romantic uplighting

In any wedding venue, uplighting can help create a gentle, sophisticated ambiance. By brightening the reception space with soft colors like candlelight, ivory or champagne, couples can set their desired mood, enhance the already-beautiful features of their chosen venue and wow their guests. 

Love notes

Trend 10: Cohesive, consistent aesthetics 

When it comes to wedding stationery, consistency is key this year. This translates to a cohesive start-to-finish look reflected in everything from save-the-dates to even bridal shower thank-you cards. “So if we’re bringing a monogram or floral flourish to life, we see it integrated into their menus or dance floor monograms and even their favors,” says Linda of Lyons Paperie.

table number centerpiece
seating chart at wedding

Trend 11: Unconventional materials

In 2022, paper alone won’t cut it. Planning wedding stationery today is all about making unusual and bold choices, while weaving little surprises in the form of color and texture throughout. “Clients love using unconventional materials when it comes to their wedding stationery,” Linda says. “We have loved incorporating textures like velvet, wood and even leather on signage and menu cards. It adds another dimension and elevation to day-of decor.” 

Trend 12: Digital responses

Reply cards are an important part of wedding planning and a good way to keep track of your guest count. However, today, the etiquette surrounding RSVPs is changing. “More of our couples are utilizing digital responses and repurposing their RSVP cards to divert their guests to their website, and even using QR codes to allow for faster guest responses and directing them more quickly to their wedding registries and websites,” says Linda. Not only is it more efficient, digital responses save your guests the hassle of mailing them back – ensuring a painless, more cost-effective and sustainable practice.

Whatever your needs are, we’re here to help at Walters Wedding Estates. Reach out to us and discuss adding these in-house services (available in certain collections) to make your dream wedding a reality!

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